Monday, June 18, 2018

LC2018: VolTRAX

In my preview ahead of London Calling, I suggested that VolTRAX is a device that still hasn't found its raison d'etre.  With the meeting, the device officially pre-launched and the company is now taking pre-orders for delivery in the Fall.  And it still feels like a device which hasn't yet found its purpose, though Clive Brown presented a dazzling (if perhaps distant) vision of where VolTRAX might go.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

LC2018: Flongle, Ubik-a-something and Metricoin

London Calling has been over for nearly three weeks.  I originally wanted to write up at least something after the first night, but fatigue overcame me and I didn't get anything useful put together.  And then travel and more fatigue set in.  But beyond that and the usual temptation to procrastinate, there is the challenge of forming a coherent narrative from all the different threads at the meeting.  There's all the Oxford Nanopore official announcements and then various user presentation tidbits.  After several failed mental attempts to compose a big picture take on everything, I've decided to try to write a series (number yet indeterminate) of posts that will focus of various axes of the meeting.  Hopefully they won't be to redundant -- or self-contradictory -- and that by following one particular thread I can actually condense some coherent thoughts.  This first such thread starts with Flongle.