Thursday, March 28, 2024

Post-AGBT: VizGen & Scale Biosciences Partner

It's been just a few weeks since I sat poolside at AGBT with VizGen CEO Terry Lo and Scale Biosciences CEO Giovanna Prout to discuss the two companies' new partnership.  Well, that would have been accurate about a month ago; getting the last AGBT threads together has been buried under post-AGBT day work, some family business, another vacation - and let's be serious, mega-scale procrastination and writer's block (and that's just a euphemism here for more procrastination).  But that shouldn't detract from what these two RNA (and more!) profiling companies are trying to build together.  Plus this is my last "Post-AGBT" tag for the year; now I can move on to "inspired by AGBT" that is a bit less tied to the meeting (and less obviously overdue)

Monday, March 11, 2024

BioNano In Peril Again

While I still have a pair of pre-AGBT and AGBT interviews to write up - plus a long list of post ideas inspired by AGBT - breaking news about BioNano Genomics takes precedence.  The company has announced a major restructuring, with about 30% of its employees being laid off.  I've been laid off twice and it's never enjoyable, so I hope what I write here is appropriately sensitive - but won't be surprised if I still commit a faux pas.  Even with the restructuring, one analyst who likes BioNano estimated they will have about three quarters of cash - this is indeed a perilous time.