Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Genia: It's Alive!

Once in a while I get the thrill of someone sending me a really good tip - that surge that comes with knowing that I know something that most people don't.  That rush of knowing that soon I'll get to spill the beans.  It's great, even if it upends my widely disseminated opinions.  Even if a moment later I realize that if I had thought harder I would have unearthed the nugget on my own.  All of which is the case here -- my tea leaf reading that Roche partnering with Illumina on diagnostics indicated that Genia is no more -- well, that interpretation is no more.  Because I got a hot and verifiable tip that Genia is very much still an active project at Roche.  And the verification is how I could I found this independently.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

10X Genomics Exits Genomes

10X Genomics original product was a kit for generating linked reads from genomic DNA.  The idea had been kicking around for a while, partitioning long DNA into compartments and generating tagged libraries from each compartment.  This enabled both genome assembly and haplotyping from very small amounts of DNA.  When first reviewing 10X's slides from J.P. Morgan I had this thought "where's the genome kits" but then forgot to include it in my write-up.  Now I'm even more chagrined to discover that the explanation had been posted days before the conference: 10X has told their customers that their genome library kits are in the process of being discontinued.

Friday, January 17, 2020

JPM20 Loose Ends: Agilent, ThermoFisher, 10X Genomics, NanoString - plus PacBio & ONT

Time to close out  J.P. Morgan season with a grab bag of kvetches and kibbitzing on multiple 'omics companies that presented.  Much of this has been stimulated by Twitter discussions, with particular credit going to Varro Analytics and Albert Vilella.   While I've never been to J.P. Morgan physically and am skeptical I'll ever go, reviewing all this is a great prep for AGBT -- which I'm happy to be returning to this year for it's last Marco Island appearance for many years (forever?).

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bold Genapsys Talk at JPM20

Genapsys' CEO Hesaam Esfandyarpour presented today at the JPM Morgan Conference and delivered an expansive vision of where the company is going both this year an the long term.  This includes planned commercial launch of the 144M chip this year, an aggressive expansion into international markets and another round of "pre-IPO" financing.

Monday, January 13, 2020

JPM20: Roche Links with Illumina On Diagnostics

Another bit of Illumina news released at J.P. Morgan today is that Roche Diagnostics is partnering with Illumina.  The 15 year partnership (same duration as with QIAGEN) will place Roche diagnostic assays on Illumina clinical-grade sequencers as well as the two will jointly work for regulatory approval of Illumina's TruSight Oncology assays.  Roche has extensive experience in oncology, particularly since they own Foundation Medicine. This suggests that Roche is happy with a two pronged strategy in oncology diagnostics, selling assays on their own through the partnership while their Foundation arm offers an all-in service.   But it also stirs the tea leaves in the genomics M&A pot.

JPM20: Illumina Launches Super Resolution Instruments

Illumina presented this morning at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (presentation, slides & breakout).  For us sequencing geeks, the biggest news is the launch of a pair of new sequencers -- but not where either myself or Shawn Baker anticipated.  Rather than doing something about the low end of their line (as I predicted) or replacing the MiSeq as Shawn guessed, Illumina perceived a need for desktop instruments to span the range between the existing NextSeq 550 and the NovaSeq and has christened the new instruments NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000.  They also come with some slick new technologies embedded.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Is Illumina Vulnerable At The Bottom?

According to both the FTC and CMA, Illumina holds a nearly complete monopoly on the sequencing market, with other players (Ion Torrent, Oxford Nanopore) holding on to toehold niches.  Illumina has held that position for an extended period, so what might upset it?  I'm going to explore the case that they may have some serious inroads at the bottom of their line.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Might Illumina Shave NovaSeq Run Times?

I've had some people asking, either privately or via Twitter, what might come from Illumina next week at JP Morgan (8:30 am PST on Monday).  I have another post in the works (ideally going out not long after this one) on one aspect of their business, but then I thought of something else.  Something in the great tradition of proposing a plan while being quite unaware of all the critical details that the plan relies on!