Thursday, June 23, 2022

AGBT 2022: Overhanging Questions

AGBT broke up a couple of weeks ago and I've failed to write anything here so far.  It was frustrating not attending, but not registering for a meeting in February seemed prudent given the pattern of COVID waves - I hadn't considered (nor would have wanted to bank on) AGBT organizers reacting so well and rescheduling the meeting.  It sounds like a number of attendees did catch the virus at the meeting -- though I'm presumably still quite protected by my infection a month earlier.  Anyways, I'm going to organize this around one to two questions that hover in my head for the different sequencing providers.  AGBT also had a strong spatial angle, but I feel ill-equipped to cover that in the absence of being on the scene -- I don't work with spatial data and so don't have a deep feel for it.  As always, please flag me here or on Twitter or by email for any errors I made -- or any juicy sequencing company gossip you wish to share!

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Admin: Feedburner to Switch

A bit over a year ago Google made one of their dreaded announcements that they would be slowly killing off one of their acquisitions, in this case FeedBurner.  Well over a thousand of you have been using FeedBurner to follow me via email. has a wonderful free plan that can take over all of the previous functionality and I could just import the old subscription list