Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Admin: Feedburner to Switch

A bit over a year ago Google made one of their dreaded announcements that they would be slowly killing off one of their acquisitions, in this case FeedBurner.  Well over a thousand of you have been using FeedBurner to follow me via email. has a wonderful free plan that can take over all of the previous functionality and I could just import the old subscription list

Alas, I applied my usual lethargy for all things administrative and only just now worked with the very nice folks at to move the feed over.  And it appears that email functions on FeedBurner may have have been shut off about three months ago 

So if you have only followed using FeedBurner, there are several posts that may have been missing from your radar, which are listed below.  My apologies for the gap in service -- and if FeedBurner actually has been still sending emails you might get a doublet or to if I don't quickly delete the FeedBurner feed :-)


May 31:  Ultima Genomics Storms Out Of Stealth Promising $1/Gigabase Short Reads

May 23: London Calling 2022: Peptide Sequencing

Apr 15: Nanopore Knights' Notes

Mar 31: The End of the Beginning of Human Genome Sequencing?

Mar 14: Element Unveils AVITI

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