Saturday, October 24, 2009

ASHG Tweets: Minor Fix or Slow Torture?

Okay, I'll admit it: I've been ignoring Twitter. It doesn't help that I never really learned to text (I might have sent one in my life). Maybe if I ever get a phone with a real keyboard, but even then I'm not sure. Live blogging from meetings seemed a bit interesting -- but in those tiny packets? I even came up with a great post on Twitter -- alas a few days after the first of April, when it would have been appropriate.

But now I've gotten myself hooked on the Twitter feed coming from attendees at the American Society for Human Genetics. It's an interesting mix -- some well established bloggers, lots of folks I don't know plus various vendors hawking their booths or off-conference tours and such. Plus, you don't even need a Twitter account!

The only real problem is its really making me wish I was there. I've never been to Hawaii, despite a nearly lifelong interest in going. And such a cool meeting! But, you can't go to every meeting unless your a journalist or event organizer (or sales rep!), so I had to stay home and get work done.

I suspect I'm hooked & will be repeating this exercise whenever I miss good conferences. Who knows? Maybe I'll catch the Twitter bug yet!

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