Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Few Things Before Nanopore Community Meeting Begins

Nanopore Community Meeting begins within the hour.  San Francisco is spectacular as ever -- Alcatraz Island disappearing into the fog as I fiddled with camera settings, the spectacular Bay Bridge spans are visible from the the breakfast area and I even got to see some notable locals on my walk over from the hotel

Hans Jansen was kind enough to remind me by tweet of a couple of missed topics in my preview piece.  So let's cover them!.


The Mk1C device will unite a MinION with a MinIT, giving a system that requires only a smartphone or tablet to complete the IT side of things.  Won't fit in a shirt pocket anymore and a bit pricier than $1K, but extremely practical. Clive Brown has sometimes said he thinks now this should have been the original launch product, given how much it simplifies running the platform.  Perhaps we'll see updated timelines on the beta release.

Clive's New Toy

Clive Brown tweeted out a deliberately enigmatic message before the meeting

I think the consensus guess is this is the latest design of SmidgION, the sequencer which attaches directly to a smartphone.  Looks very stylish -- but will it work?

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