Friday, February 17, 2017

#AGBT17 Tweet Archive is Up!

I've used my scheme for collecting and organizing tweets to capture most of the feed from this week's AGBT17 conference.  I still need to pore over these in detail, so I won't try to distill out much thoughts (other than single-cell sequencing is clearly in exponential growth phase!).

As in the past, the tweets are sometimes grouped out-of-time.  Some individual speakers got their own story, particularly if I was interested and they got a lot of coverage.  Others are in big lumps of speakers, mostly due to time pressures.  Given a bit more time I'd probably rearrange some of these more categorically.  Everything is in spreadsheets and relational tables, so re-slicing in other ways is a possibility.  I haven't checked the schedule, so I may have the day wrong in the list below -- the new, shifted and slightly trimmed AGBT scheme is throwing me off.  In a similar fashion, for some I've added a bit of content based on links in the talks; for others Storify wasn't cooperating and I didn't.

That penultimate one is a collection of tweets related to two clever giveaways -- PacBio was letting scientists make Lego minifigure avatars and Agilent had a 3D printer making various shapes.  I saw a lot more tweets of the minifigures; that really caught a lot of attention.

The final one is every tweet with the word "poster" (case-insensitive) in it; every tweet here should be in a separate set, but I thought it could be handy to have the poster-related stuff in one story.  Having everything collected in manipulable format is so powerful!

Thanks as always to all the tweeters of original content (there is one major offender who retweets without a proper retweet tag; I won't call them out here, but they were cleaned out). Surprisingly low spam this year - no complaints!  

Next year the meeting heads back to Marco Island.  Perhaps I'll avoid the scheduling foul-ups that have kept me away for three years.


Unknown said...

Many thanks for the effort put into this Keith!

Even though I attended and was pretty active on #AGBT17, there wasn't time to 'see' everything. Many times being only one person having a feed like this really helps out to discover a lot of neat info.

Great too to point out poster info. The poster sessions were jam-packed and a lot of very creative, very interesting work presented there. Wish I could say that for some of the presentations, but everybody has their own interests, no? (I still struggle to understand why in a PM cancer session we had two pediatric ALL talks from Karolinska. Very good work, true, but have never seen overlapping talks like that before!)

Hope to catch up with you in-person the next time I'm in the Boston area.


Kyle Serikawa said...

As someone who has always wanted to go to AGBT but never gotten there, I really appreciate the collection of information here.
Thanks, Keith!