Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger glitch

Blogger experienced an outage which I found out about today.  This caused my last post to disappear; any posts or comments in a certain time period were lost.

Thanks go out to the anonymous reader who posted a comment wondering where my last post went.  Blogger (Google) did not notify me of the issue.  The really disconcerting part is the Google cached version of the post was missing as well -- this suggested something very odd going on.

I often write posts directly in Blogger, so I don't have a backup.  This was an exception & I did actually have the rough draft, which I would have posted if the old one wasn't restored.

1 comment:

rdf said...

You might find this useful. I've started doing this since I've had a few notices lately from both google and yahoo with the title "service X will be shut down in Y months"

Anyhow, since switching to electronic media, my life is too uncluttered for comfort. If nothing else it represents an opportunity to boost my "bit-clutter"