Sunday, May 03, 2009

The New Gig

I've always been a fan of the space program and I like movies, so when a movie astronaut speaks I listen. Since Beyond Genomics changed it's name to BG Medicine, I can only interpret the advice as directing me to Infinity Pharmaceuticals.

Seriously, tomorrow I start at Infinity. Infinity has a number of anti-cancer programs which it is exciting to be joining. Of course, having drugs in the clinic can be a rocky ride; the day I agreed to go was the day a clinical trial was halted, and Infinity's stock fell 30% (or does somebody on Wall Street just not like me?)

Strange but true story: The day of my interview, a new Netflix disc was scheduled to arrive. The title: Infinity. Spooky!

As far as this space, there will probably be some subtle shifts. I'm probably a little too careful about not posting directly around where I'm working, but that is my habit and so areas such as cancer genomics may see less action. Infinity, as mentioned above, is public & so one must follow certain rules.

On the other hand, that still leaves a lot of biology to comment on. I probably will mine more of synthetic biology, a lot of genomics/proteomics/younameitomics and evolution. Computational stuff I'm working on -- plus some old interests that were lit anew during my time out. Plus some of my learnings from that time, where I set up and then dismantled a trans-Pacific consulting empire (yep! often had to cross Pacific Street to go from one client to another).

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