Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Watson's solo discovery of DNA

Well, my memory must be truly failing. No offense to Honest Jim, but I always thought he had a partner in finding the structure of DNA. And didn't some third guy share in the Nobel also? Plus, isn't there some experimentalist that people grouse should have gotten some credit?

But, I stand corrected:

In the last 50 years since Watson first discovered the structure of DNA, many advances have been made to enable researchers to study and dissect this macromolecule.

Now, some might warn that the Internet doesn't always have reliable information, but this is from a .edu site (and not some student's personal page either), so it must be right, right?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't she have, you know, a whole medical school named after her, too? :)

Sad is the day that "Watson & Crick & Wilkins & Franklin" gets shortened to "Watson." Kind of pathetic, actually. And it's a DNA core!

Guy said...

Shades of "Factual Error Found On Internet" ... actually, that's an awful embarrasssing goof on VBI's part, and from their Core Facility Lab to boot! I know some of the folks at VBI, but on the basis of this page one might wonder about any sequence analysis from their Core Computational Facility ;-)