Sunday, February 25, 2007

Challenging writing assignment

An interesting idea -- try writing this in a new manner my internet site specific. Easy? I wish! Very stilted sentences -- perhaps can lessen with practice. Limits apparent in references: Cell? Science? -- Yes! Fine English scientific paper display? Negative! Erratic grammar style? Perhaps. Self name? First and middle; lacking familial. Site name? Nein! Events? Iraq fits. Gagarin fatherland? Nyet! My allegiance fails as well.

Despite my trials, life wins with it.

Can reader infer pattern?

Challenge: Increase length and clarity vis-a-vis my attempt.


Anonymous said...

Single letter amino acid code?

Keith Robison said...

Si! Yes! I enabled the writing despite it failing pattern :-)

Anonymous said...

Regret I didnt have time in which well-written answer can appear in mind. Tried harder this time. Passing grade awarded?