Friday, December 22, 2006

My Year's End, My Millennium's End

Tonight will be my last post for 2006. The holiday week is a good time to clear one's head and focus on family and fun. Thank you all for taking a gander at this new blog -- it's been fun & I look forward to continuing. I have a bunch of topics scribbled down & a few dozen bookmarks of interesting papers.

Today was also my final day at Millennium. I am on the payroll through the end of the year, severance for a while next year, and various confidentiality agreements to my grave. But for me, this was the end. I turned in all my trappings -- laptop, badge, security token, sent a farewell message, and took my last box out.

For ten years, Millennium has been a constant in my life, yet nothing has been constant at Millennium. Eight desks, six bosses (one twice), uncountable reorganizations (and bosses' bosses), a multitude of department/group names -- I once joked that the company portal should have a banner "Today is Monday & you report to XXX in department YYY" so you could keep track of it. Two CEOs, 5 CFOs (I think), 3 big mergers (defined as changing my daily life!), four big 'restructurings'' -- one could invent dozens more measurs for how MLNM exemplified creative destruction.

As one might expect, that meant a lot different people. By my guess, somewhere between 5-10% of people who worked for Millennium the day I started will still be there after I leave. One back-of-the-envelope estimate is about 3K people who can claim to Millennium alumni, with perhaps close to 2K who were in Discovery at some point.

It's been an amazing experience & quite an education. I will miss it, and it seems a lot to hope that the next career waystation can match that. Fare-thee-well Millennium.


Kristen A said...

Sorry to hear about your end at Millennium. The end has come prematurely for some in Maryland as well. Enjoy the time over the holidays with your family. Have a happy New Year.


Kristen A said...

Sorry to hear your time at Millennium has come to an end. The end has come prematurely for some here in Maryland as well. Enjoy the holiday with your family and have a great New Year.