Monday, January 29, 2024

On Illumina's Moats Past & Present

Studying how Illumina came to dominate sequencing markets is certainly worthy of at least a Harvard Business School case study, and perhaps an entire graduate thesis.  But I wanted to give a quick review of some of my thoughts on the matter, spurred by Nava Whiteford's repeated savaging of a piece in another space but also because many of these themes will show up in a flurry of pieces I'm planning (one's even nearly done!) in the next few weeks due to AGBT and some non-AGBT news.  

Friday, January 05, 2024

2024: A Look Ahead

It's January, and that means the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference looms next week -- followed by AGBT just a month later.  Indeed, I've been trying to mark out the "can't miss" talks for AGBT so I can resist over-scheduling them with meet-ups -- but many talks lack titles so that's not easy.  JP Morgan seems to have Illumina, 10X and Nanostring -- and not much else in the way of sequencing-space companies.  But time to prognosticate before all the news happens!