Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Reanalysis Lays Bare MinION Review's Spectacular Flaws

I will confess that when our first MinION burn-in data for lambda came in & I threw a few aligners at it (after first getting my data extractor in Julia shaken out), I was disappointed at the results.  Very few 2D reads, very few aligned reads and the alignments all short.  At this point, I sat back to wait to see what others had experienced and to think of additional bioinformatics approaches.  It never occurred to me to dash off a glorified  blog post and submit it to a journal.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Oxford Takes Some Flak, Fires Back

A huge event in the genomics community this summer has been the Oxford Nanopore MinION Access Program (MAP), which has enabled a sizable but select group of researchers to try out ONT's novel nanopore-based sequencing technology.  While results and rumors have periodically drifted out over the summer, this week saw three disclosures, one of which resulted in fireworks and action