Monday, April 16, 2018

Mission Bio Launches Custom Panels

Back in October I covered the launch of Mission Bio's single cell platform, Tapestri.  Tapestri is a microfluidic platform which encapsulates cells and sets of barcoded primers into droplets, lyses the cells within the droplets and executes PCR on the released DNA.  Mission initially targeted hematologic cells, since they do not require disaggregation, and offered a standard panel of primes.  Around the time of AGBT, Mission launched a custom panel option and took the time to sit down with me.  Now with AACR, Mission has announced placing Tapestri at multiple major cancer centers: the NCI, Mt. Sinai, MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, St. Jude's, UCSF, U Penn and Washington University.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Small Rampage Over STAT's Movie Piece

A movie opened this weekend which, by all prior evidence and new reviews, is unbelievably silly but destined to rake in the bucks. Rampage is very loosely - as if it could be another way - based on a video arcade game. The original game’s backstory had a mysterious ray transforming people into monsters, but the movie has changed that to CRISPR. So STAT had a piece which, to my great disappointment, gave the movie’s science a near pass in a piece featuring two writers chatting . . (Note: this post has mild spoilers, though if you've seen the trailers they give almost all of this away).