Tuesday, August 23, 2022

SRA Entries Should Not Ever Disappear Into Thin Air

I ran into an annoying problem last night and was quite steamed, but had the discipline to wait until morning to vent publicly about it.  Now I'm more in a morose mood on the subject, not furious but still quite frustrated. The quick version of what happened is I'm belatedly trying to go through some nicely documented reproducible analysis code to explore some concerns I have with the analysis, and the code is working on an SRA entry -- and that SRA entry is the entire point of the analysis. And that SRA entry which I know once existed now doesn't - other than this code and the preprint to go with it, it's as though it never existed -- which is terrible.  And I'm irritated with everyone who contributed to that terrible result, starting with NCBI

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Supply Stall Slows Singular

Singular Genomics reported earnings last week and delivered an unpleasant surprise: inability of suppliers to make timely deliveries of key (but unspecified) hardware components have slowed G4 instrument production to a very slow crawl.  Given the lively competition in the desktop short read space, this is a serious setback for Singular's commercial launch.